Core Values

Church Planting

The Word of God compels us to go beyond evangelism and discipleship and to equip our students to be church planters of viable, contextually-relevant, reproducing churches.

Unreached Language Groups

Our ambition is to bring the gospel to the unreached language groups of the world that have no access to it in their language. Once finished with training, our students set out to work in a pioneer context with the Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Animistic and Atheistic language groups in the world’s most difficult places to access.

Commitment to Finishing

We are committed to seeing a healthy, viable, contextually-relevant and reproducing church in the language groups we engage. For this to happen cross-cultural workers must be committed to staying past merely having believers to having a healthy church.

Partnering with The Evangelical Community

Obediently fulfilling Jesus’ command to reach all language groups with the gospel is the responsibility of the entire Church. That’s why we invite all churches within the evangelical community to train their cross-cultural church planters at Radius.

Sacrificial Living For Gospel Advance

We believe that effective communication and meaningful ministry require a long-term commitment to sacrificially serve the people we are seeking to reach. This means, at its core, adjusting personal lifestyle preferences, especially living long-term among the people group, to clearly demonstrate the Spirit’s fruit in new cultural contexts as we proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Language and Cultural Fluency

Language and culture go hand in hand. It is impossible to truly know one without knowing the other. Fluency (communicating as an adult that can be taken seriously) in both language and culture is necessary to communicate at the worldview level so that the people we work with understand the gospel with clarity.

Suffering Is Normative

It is our expectation that followers of Jesus will suffer for His name, just as they have throughout the history of the Church. While it comes in various forms and degrees, it is to be expected to conform believers into the likeness of Christ and confirm the ministry of the gospel worker.