Ministry Practices & Skills

There are basic, practical skills that everyone in ministry needs to master, as well as some that are particularly related to cross-cultural ministry.

Deeply and thoroughly knowing culture is the key to real relationships.

Prayer For The Nations

You will be introduced to the prayer tools and will practice daily prayer for the Unreached People Groups around the world, as well as for the workers who are working among them.

Guided Reading

You will do extensive reading in all areas related to pioneer church planting and will interact with other students and instructors on a regular basis about the principles found in those readings. We’ll point you to excellent resources for missiology, cross-cultural communication, worldview, syncretism, folk religion, etc. You will learn the value of maintaining an on-going, life-long practice of learning from others and being challenged by what experienced people have written.

Choosing A Sending Agency

During the 2nd Semester, we invite various sending agencies to visit Radius so that you can learn about about their ministry values, the locations where they work, and the goals they have in their outreach efforts. We will also help you develop the kinds of questions you’ll need in order to learn the most important things about the many options out there.

Relationships With Your Sending Church

We will discuss the importance of good communication with your home church, and coach you in the “how-to” of doing it. A proper relationship to your sending church and to your various supporters brings glory to God and is vital to your long-term impact.

Developing A Sending Team

You will learn the importance of having a designated sending team and how to develop and educate such a team from your sending church so that they will understand what it means to be good senders and so that you will have the support from your home church that you need.