Kevin DeYoung and Brooks Buser discuss what missionary candidates should know and read before going to the field as well as some of the issues that are happening in missions today.

Video Chapters

00:00 What Are Some Good Things That You See Happening in the Reformed World Today?

4:31 Why Should Ecclesiology Be a Cornerstone for Aspiring Missionaries?

8:06 How Do You Get the Idea of Church From the Matthew 28 Great Commission? Are We Called to Make Disciples or to Plant Churches?

12:03 Is the Church a Western Concept?

16:32 Do You Need a “Call” to Go Into Missions?  

20:05 What Do You Think About Radius After Visiting Campus?

23:05 How Can Pastors Benefit From Radius?

25:05 Why Should Pastors Attend the Radius Missiology Conference? 

26:45 What Should 18-25 Years Think About and Do During and After CROSS Conference?

28:47 What Are Some Good Books for Aspiring Missionaries to Read?

33:51 How Do You Interpret Mark Dever’s Message “Endurance Needed and the Dangerous Allure for Speed”?

41:37 Do We Need to Narrow Down Our Mission Focus? Are We Excited About Too Many Things?

46:37 Why Is Urgency and Speed Such an Animating Factor in Missions Today?

49:26 What Are Your Thoughts on CPM, DMM, T4T Methods?