Endorsements & Testimonials

We wouldn’t do what we do if we didn’t believe that it was necessary for successful cross-cultural church planting. As we grow and prepare more people for pioneer contexts, we praise the Lord that many more are seeing the need and value of missionary training like RADIUS. We invite you to see what other missions leaders are seeing and recognizing about our program.

Luke Womack
Executive Director of The GO Fund

The students we see coming out of the one-year training program at Radius are head and shoulders above the rest. They are prepared to encounter a long-term task among the unreached that many others cannot or will not encounter–and they know exactly what to expect. There is quite simply nobody doing what Radius International is doing to offer comprehensive, Biblically-based, time-tested, unreached missions training to a generation that is willing to lay everything down for a God-sized vision. Radius is giving it to them.

Tim Lubinus
Executive Director – The Baptist Convention of Iowa

Everyone experiences disorientation when entering a new culture. Radius is a uniquely designed pre-deployment training that gives tools to missionaries to not only survive in a new culture, but to thrive. Radius takes the necessary time to develop a deep ministry foundation in students that is essential for long-term fruitful ministry.

Chuck and Jan Burwell
Church Planters with Christar

I cannot think of a more thorough preparation for the mission field than spending eleven months at Radius International. Students at Radius receive sound teaching and are able to apply it in the community as they learn.

Getting to the field takes a lot of time and money and it is discouraging to see how many leave the field before the task is completed. I believe that much of the attrition on the mission field could be prevented if people took the Radius training program and applied it.

Joe Gober
Vice President for Mobilization -Pioneers USA

I love RI because in a world of shallowness y’all go after depth in terms of crossing cultures with the Gospel.

Taken from their newsletter.

It’s only been two weeks here but it’s feeling like twenty— in the best way. It’s been really really full but also really good. Every day we’re sitting through about four classes that are each just some mean one-two punches! I’m talking some Anderson Silva, MMA type, gut-wrenching, rib breaking combos. But in the best way. 

We’ve all been confronted with counting the weighty costs of going to do what lies ahead, but at the same time, and just as equally as counting the heavy costs, we have also been able to get a glimpse of some of the JOY that is set before us in what lies ahead.

A number of the Staff here have gone and been able to do exactly what we’re setting out to do and, man, hearing their stories have been so so good. Hearing of the end come to fruition despite the many hardships has been incredible. They stuck with it. They endured the hardships. And since they did, they’ve been able to sit back and watch a people that once had never heard his name come to know and be known by Him deeply. 

We have four of these classes every day that just hit you back to back. I was explaining to a dear friend of mine that it’s like the equivalent of listening to four bomb sermons that just undo you and pump you up and break you down and renew you all at the same time, four times in a row, day after day. It’s been so full. And so good. 

George Walker
Cross-Culture Church Planter

I’ve served for many years overseas, both as a church planter and as a consultant; both within my own agency and in helping other mission entities in 10 different countries. You will be hard pressed to find cross-cultural training of this caliber anywhere. If you are interested in being well-equipped for going deep with the Lord, and for serving Him effectively among Muslims, Hindus or Buddhists, then look no further. Come and see for yourself. You’ll be forever glad you did!

Dr. Richard Kronk

Cross-Cultural Worker, Author, and Professor at Toccoa Falls College

The Radius program provides unequaled preparation for those looking to carry the Good News to the least-reached – many of whom are in geographically, philosophically and economically challenged corners of the globe. The comprehensive training combines the theoretical with the practical in a “hot-house” environment which yields learning outcomes which are reflected in spiritual growth. As an educator and former church-planter, I highly recommend this serious approach to a world in serious need.

Steve Elworth
Global and Local Outreach Director, The Chapel on The Campus, Baton Rouge LA, Perspectives Area Mobilizer
Bringing the gospel of Jesus to the last remaining language groups is the hardest task in the world, and requires the best training available. Radius is that training. In order for churches to feel confident that those they have sent to engage the unengaged are ready for the task ahead, they need to know that their people are prepared to face the challenges of clear gospel communication, difficult circumstances, and decades of labor. The staff at Radius have years of experience on the field and are committed to preparing the next generation of cross-cultural gospel communicators and church planters to thrive on the field and be apart of seeing every language worship Jesus. Our church has already sent over a dozen of our people to Radius because we really believe that those who are called must be sent well, and we have found no better way to prepare those that we send than Radius.
Dr. Jonathan Kelber

Lay Elder, Missions Committee Chairman and NIH-Funded University Professor

It’s been a privilege to witness the growth of Radius International as they continue to expand their reach in training the next generation of frontier missionaries. As a lay elder and missions committee chair, I am thankful that those who are stepping up from within our church to take the Gospel of Christ to unreached language groups have access to this rigorous and pragmatic program. Not only are their instructors experts in CLA, Bible translating and church planting, Radius strategically provides both theoretical and experiential training in a fiscally-responsible setting to produce well-equipped workers that can endure the difficult physical, political, social, economic and religious environments in which these unreached groups live. Like the Apostle Paul explains in Romans 15:17-21, Radius prioritizes the training of long-term workers who desire to preach the Gospel where Christ has not yet been named; I continue to be impressed by the caliber of students that their program attracts.
Diane L
Visitor – UT Austin, TX

I wanted to shoot you an email to thank you for letting me visit the campus. Even in the short time I spent there, I learned a large amount from the students and the classes.

After meeting and talking with most of the students and staff, I realize that all of them are on fire for the Lord. Further they valued required training and character development. They all have a desire for the great commission and are willing to sacrifice it all for His glory. I had this sense in my heart, that I had the chance to meet with soldiers who were about to be on the front-line, headed into battle. And they didn’t have fear in their eyes, for they knew their identity and purpose through their training; they were getting prepared. Being prepared by those who have that same desire for God’s glory to be known. By people who teach and speak with such passion and commitment.

Tell everyone I will be praying for them. :]

Thank you for giving me the privilege to visit.”
Hope to attend one day, God willing.

Patrick Lai
Open Network, Author of Tentmaking and Business for Transformation

I have had the privilege of being a part of 2 training programs with Radius. The quality of their training is excellent! It is one of the more relational, biblical models of discipleship that I have seen anywhere. The program is designed for people going into cross-cultural work, but I believe it would benefit anyone’s walk with God. I highly recommend it!

Dr. Don Denyes
Pastor – South Church, Lansing, MI

Few things are more important in this needy world than taking the life-giving gospel of Jesus to those who have never heard. Few places better prepare individuals to accomplish this goal than Radius International. Their commitment to Christ is extraordinary; their focus on missionary task is thoroughly biblical, and their pedagogical approach with students is exceptional. In a day when new approaches are capturing the minds and imaginations of mission boards, the Radius Way is dedicated to the tried and true method of language acquisition and cultural immersion of its missionaries. In the final analysis, such a stratagem is far more impactful and lasting. I am thrilled with the great team and the good work that is happening at Radius and heartedly recommend their ministry to you for your consideration and support.