Pray With Us

Effective Prayer Begins With You

James 5:26 teaches that who you are in Christ and how you pray produces results. You also need to know what to pray for. We would like to keep you updated on our ministry and how you can pray. Your prayers make a difference.

To join with us as a prayer partner, fill in the form below to receive information on the ministry and specific prayer needs.

You Can Always Be Praying For:

  • Responsiveness to to the calling and leading of the Spirit of current and future board members, staff and adjunct instructors with the talents and experiences needed to prepare students
  • Partnerships with educational institutions that will recommend Radius to their students who are heading toward cross-cultural church planting
  • Past, current and future students to faithfully continue their journey toward reaching the nations and to be attentive to the leading of the Spirit.
  • Agencies and sending churches to recognize the value of Radius’ training and send appointees to be trained
  • The development and refinement of our curriculum and program, that it will develop the best cross-cultural church planters possible

Individuals and churches to partner with Radius financially