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Cell Phones, Facebook, Computers and Completing the Great Commission

With all the potential for good, the reality is that improper use of these technologies is hurting us in a few critical ways. Missionaries may live overseas, even learn some language and gather much data about a culture… and still not be there as a real part of the community. The loneliness, that historically drove missionaries into the social fabric in the areas they worked in, slowly disappeared.

Why Focus on Pioneer Church Planting

The short answer is… because healthy New Testament churches do not organically “spring up” among new converts on their own. [New converts need] believers to walk them through this new identity of being a Christ follower and the implications it has on their previous religious, clan, tribal and family relationships.

Persons of Peace

About the Author Bob is currently serving in North Africa learning his 3rd language and preparing to do church planting in a refugee context. He has his master’s degree in Public Health and has served with Frontiers International for 7 years on the continent of...