Recommended Books


Effective Discipling in Muslim Communities

Don Little

Don offers a clear alternative to some of the trendy, non-serious methods that are being advanced. His reminder that a serious conversion experience is critical (based off of understanding the gospel) is rare in our day of surface level presentations of ‘the gospel’. He also shows how important that the open door life of the ‘discipler’ is to a Muslim convert needing community. This book is filled with relevant and solid missiological insights.

Planting Churches in Muslim Cities A Team Approach


Greg Livingston

Livingstone speaks of the character of the church planter with an awareness that few have, and few have written about. The focus is on those heading into a Muslim context and what it takes to plant churches there. Most of those commitments and understandings will benefit those going to Hindu, Buddhist and Animistic cultures also. Although the book is not long on strategy he does bring up some historical lessons that were hard learned by those who’ve worked with Muslims for decades. A very worthwhile read.

Ministering Cross-Culturally: An Incarnational Model for Personal Relationship

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity


Duane Elmer

Although not written from a cross-cultural, cross-language situation Qureshi tells the story of his own conversion from Islam while done in his University years. How God used his friend David as a faithful witness is a model for all who would seek to work with Muslims here, or cross-culturally. How David took Islam seriously, addressed questions over the course of years, befriended Quereshi in very tangible ways is real ‘how to’ for Christians in interacting with devout followers of other religions.