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Urgency Not Hastiness

Urgency to send gospel ministers to the unreached and hastiness in sending out the unequipped are too often at cross-purposes with one another. How are we to biblically discern a candidate’s readiness while upholding a sense of gospel urgency?

Missions and the Local Church

Why a missions committee? How does a local church send well? Member care issues. Missions policies and why? ineffective missionaries… what to do? What to know about sending agencies and how to interact with them. These and many other topics will be addressed.

5 Things Women In Missions Need To Know

In this breakout, Nina Buser will address five things that women who desire to participate in long-term missions should consider before going. These practical recommendations are taken from her own experiences while on the field.

Scottish Presbyterian Missions, Past & Present

In 19th century Scotland, the Lord raised up a group of remarkable men who had robust theological commitments and a zeal to see Christ proclaimed among the nations at any cost. We need men and women like that today and this session aims to apply their example to our contemporary context.

Amy Carmichael

Amy Carmichael’s impact on the outcast women and orphans of India has turned into a legacy that has effected generations of Christians and missionaries that would follow her example to live a life of service for the Lord to see the Gospel reach those in need.

What Is the Mission of the Church?

What IS the mission of the church and why are we, as Christ followers, to be involved in it? The task of missions in the last 50 years has become a grab bag of many things. But what is THE thing the church should be about?

Motivations for Missions

What motivates those who go into long-term church-planting missions? In an age when “passions” and gifting are the penultimate measuring stick, is there a better more Biblical reason to leave home, family, and country?

Finishing the Mission of the Church

What is it like to run the race well, to be faithful to the Great Commission, and see the completion of the task that the Master has given us to accomplish? Knowing the finish line helps us calibrate how we practice missions today.

Suffering and the Mission of the Church

Suffering is intrinsic to the gospel and especially to the gospel advancing in difficult places. The reason the “last places” are the last places is because the cost will be high in reaching them with the gospel.