Alistair Begg


Pastor, Author

Alistair Begg has been in pastoral ministry since 1975. He graduated from the London School of Theology and subsequently served in Scotland at Charlotte Chapel in Edinburgh and Hamilton Baptist Church. In 1983, he became the senior pastor at Parkside Church near Cleveland, Ohio, where he continues to lead the congregation and teach God’s Word Sunday by Sunday.

Alistair Begg is also the Bible teacher on the daily and weekend program Truth For Life. Truth For Life is distributed through 1,900 radio networks across the United States and can also be heard online at truthforlife.org, through YouTube, via podcast, and by way of numerous other listening platforms. Alistair is the author of several books. He and his wife Susan were married in 1975 and have three grown children and eight grandchildren.


Cross-Cultural Church Planter, President of RADIUS INTERNATIONAL

Brooks and his wife Nina are graduates of Christian Heritage College. Brooks worked as the CFO of a Dutch multinational before he and wife were challenged through God’s word to take the gospel to an unreached people group. In 2003 they moved in among the Yembi Yembi people and spent the next 13 years working among them. They were able to develop an alphabet, teach them how to read and write in their own language for the first time, translate the entire N.T. and large portions of the O.T. and teach through the Biblical narrative till a church came into existence. In 2016 elders were in place and the church was strong and they returned to the U.S. In 2017 Brooks was named as President of Radius International.

Kevin DeYoung


Pastor, Author

Kevin DeYoung is the senior pastor at Christ Covenant Church (PCA) in Matthews, North Carolina and Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary (Charlotte). Prior to the summer of 2017, he pastored at University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan (2004-2017). Kevin holds a Master of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and received his Ph.D. in early modern history at the University of Leicester. He is the author of several books, including The Biggest Story, What Is the Mission of the Church, Crazy Busy, and Just Do Something. Kevin and his wife, Trisha, have nine children.

Chad Vegas


Pastor, Author, Founder/Chairman of the Board of RADIUS International

Chad Vegas is the founding pastor of Sovereign Grace Church in Bakersfield, CA, where he has served since 2006. He is a founding board member and Chairman of RADIUS International. Chad speaks regularly at conferences on Missions and Missiology as well as writing material for RI.

Chad received his M.A. from Talbot School of Theology. He also spent nearly two decades in public school education as both a teacher and a Board member. He has been married to Teresa since 1994, and they have 2 children.

Wayne Chen


Cross-Cultural Church Planter, Director of RADIUS Asia

Wayne and his wife Gail were part of a church planting team that planted a church among the Biem people (a formerly unreached people group) of Papua New Guinea. Wayne and his wife Gail lived among the Biem for 11 years, and by God’s grace, were able to see a strong, mature N.T. church brought to maturity. Wayne was recently named as Director of Radius Asia and was blessed to see the first class of students gradate from the program. Wayne is a gifted speaker that is in high demand in Mandarin, English and Taiwanese contexts.

Ian Hamilton


Pastor, Author, Trustee of Banner of Truth

Ian Hamilton is the President of Westminster Presbyterian Theological Seminary in England and serves on the Board of Greenville Presbyterian Seminary in South Carolina. He pastored two congregations for thirty seven years in Scotland and in Cambridge.
He is married to Joan, and they have four children.
Ian has preached at conferences around the world. His books include commentaries on the Letters of John, published by Banner of Truth, Ephesians published by RHB, The Faith-Shaped Life and The Gospel-Shaped Life.

Brad Buser


Cross-Cultural Church Planter, Founder of RADIUS INTERNATIONAL

Brad and His wife Beth spent over 20 years planting a church among the Iteri people. After a strong N.T. church was planted among the Iteri people they returned to the U.S. to be part of raising up the next generation to fulfill the Great Commission. Upon returning it became apparent there was a great need for quality cross-cultural training for missionary candidates. Along with 5 other pastors and missions pastors, he helped found what became Radius International. Brad is a primary contributor to the RADIUS REPORT , sought after Prospectives Speaker and primary church planting instructor at Radius International.

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