Summer of Service

2021 is FULL

We recognize the value that short-term missions trips have on the Great Commission and your local church. For this reason, we are excited to launch our newest venture: Summer of Service (SOS). During this week-long intensive program, participants get the opportunity to live, work, and learn in many of the same ways as our students.

It is our desire to accomplish three things:

  1.  Give churches and groups access to sound missiological teaching
  2.  Provide a short-term opportunity that is beneficial to The Great Commission
  3. Assist RADIUS in completing ongoing projects and preparations for incoming students

Who is Summer of Service for?

Local Churches

Are you looking for an opportunity to train your congregation in sound missiology and provide them a short-term opportunity to participate in the Great Commission? Why not do both? SoS can be the answer, without causing long-term damage to an existing ministry.

College Mobilization Ministries

Do work with college students? Are you looking for a way to expose them to God’s heart for the Nations? SoS is a great opportunity to not only serve, but learn about what God is doing and wants to do in the world.

What does Summer of Service accomplish?

SoS participants spend a jam-packed week of learning and serving! The daytime hours are spent doing much needed projects and repairs at one or both of our campuses in Mexico. In the evenings are spent learning about God’s heart for the Nations and what is necessary to see the Great Commission accomplished. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to debrief and reflect on all that you are learning, as well as time to get out and experience the sites, sounds, and tastes of the local culture.

When does Summer of Service happen?

August 1-5, 2021

 Participants can plan to arrive early afternoon on Sunday and depart before noon on Thursday.

Where does Summer of Service take place?

No matter what week your group signs up for, all activities will take place in a border town of Mexico. Those that are flying in will arrive in San Diego International Airport and we will make arrangements with your group to get you over the border and into Mexico. We do this all of the time and it really is quite simple.  

How much does it cost?

The cost to attend SoS is $100. This fee covers all food, lodging, local travel and incidental expenses associated with the work done during the program. 

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